Imagine a colour cosmetic brand that offers the highest quality products, in recyclable but super stylish packaging, committed to offering your customers the value that they want, whilst fulfilling the customer demands that 2019 has brought that still pack a punch of colour and longevity.

Focused on multi functionality and quality, we use pigments that work as well on dark skin as they do on light skin and all tones in-between. Multi functional palettes that may mean you only need one palette for all your needs - eye shadows that can double as highlighters or contour powders.

Our lip products contain Vitamin E, and use the newest innovations to create a high intensity pigment, creating a bold looks while providing long-lasting moisturising comfortable silky glamour. Our lipsticks also contain skin softening ingredients and natural lip enhancers to provide dazzling volume 

OH MY GLAM draws it's design on the glamour of Dubai from the brand's rose gold lettering to embody the desert heat, set against pale pink reminiscent of the dramatic purple and pink sunsets that Dubai does so well. This premium brand retains the opulence of Dubai while retaining an environmentally friendly ethos with palettes made from recyclable cardboard, rather than non-degradable plastic or metal.

OH MY GLAM aspires to satisfy people of all races and ethnicities. The range aims to create a space where every individual feels considered and represented. There is beauty in our differences and OH MY GLAM is here to remind us of that.