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Simple Makeup For Everyday

Nowadays, many people love to wear makeup every day to try and look their best. Everybody tries to look prim and proper, even if it requires him or her to apply less amount of makeup, they do so. In our daily lives, we often tend to look as natural as possible and have the minimalistic makeup on due to the busy and hectic schedules throughout the day. Makeup is not a magic spell which requires professional skills right from the start.

A beginner to the makeup realm can also create that everyday makeup looks for themselves. But a lot of us don’t even have that much time to apply basic makeup. Many times, people don’t even have an idea of the routine on how to apply makeup the right way. Time and routine are the basic roadblocks that many of us face. But there are steps which can be taken into consideration if you have just the right, and minimal, set of products or cosmetics available with you.

Believe us, it is not even time consuming and will only take 15 minutes in the morning to give you that natural gorgeous everyday makeup look and bring out that stunning, yet minimal look for you. Follow these tricks and tips to get that everyday makeup look!

Be Face Ready:

Simple Makeup For Everyday

The very first and the basic step for any makeup routine is to wash your face thoroughly. It is important to make your face free from oil or dust before applying makeup to your face. You can clean your face gently with a washcloth, face-wash or soap, which is best suitable for your skin type and warm water. We also recommend that you always remove your makeup before bedtime.

Leaving your makeup on while you sleep can damage your skin and cause pimples and acne. You can use any oil-free or non-greasy, water-based makeup remover or even wipes to do so.

Moisturize It Up:

Simple Makeup For Everyday

Skin moisturizing is one of the most important steps in order to apply makeup. Moisturize your skin to protect it and keep it hydrated. It also ensures an even, and a day-lasting, makeup application.

For those of you who are required to do some on-field work, it is suggested to apply some sunblock before applying moisturizer on your face. It is important to apply your moisturizer in a disciplined manner, portion by portion, as it is easy to apply but difficult to remove. Work with your moisturizer on every part of your face evenly and let it get fully absorbed. Also, make sure that your hands are clean while applying moisturizer.

Move To Primer:

Primer makes it easy to apply makeup and keep it long lasting. But to use a primer, first, it is important to know how much of it is to be used. A pod-sized quantity of primer is enough to cover up your whole face. You just need to simply dab the primer on your temple point where you intend to apply makeup.

You can also apply some of it to your hairline, neck, ears, lips, eyelids, and area around your eyes for that even skin tone look. But before moving on to the next step, let the primer dry off first.

Apply Foundation:

Simple Makeup For Everyday

Foundations are that product which comes in various ranges and has different offers to give. While using a foundation it is recommended to avoid a solidified foundation and move on to the liquid-based foundation, as professionals prefer these nowadays. It is also important to wisely choose such a foundation, which provides you with a gentle and medium coverage as some of you might have a sensitive skin. Along with this, you need to select the perfect shade and skin type for the foundation, which actually suits you.

Take two pumps of foundation on your palm and start to dab it onto your skin using a foundation brush, starting from the centre and spreading it outwards. It is important to continuously dab the foundation using your preferred application tool to further gently blend the foundation into your skin, giving that even thin layer and a unified look.

Con With Concealer:

Simple Makeup For Everyday

For those who have acne scars, blemishes, dark circles and uneven skin that is visible even after applying foundation, concealer does just the work. Using layers of foundation is not the solution that is why a concealer is a great tool to cover up these flaws on your skin. Dab a little amount of concealer on the targeted spots you wish to conceal and continue with the same technique as you did while applying foundation.

To further do with the process on concealer, it is important to set the concealer. To do that, use a translucent powder, take a bit of it on your sponge and start patting it gently on the areas where you have applied concealer. For the rest of your face use a brush to do the above, to create that natural look. This process helps your concealer to stay put and become smudge free. The same methods can be applied to set the foundation as well, as a powder can provide a great finishing to your face.

Start With Chromes:

This is the stage wherein you start adding hues to your face. To do this, you can use a Blush and a Bronzer. Blush and Bronzer are both colouring powders intended to enhance your skin. When Blush is applied correctly it can instantly lift the face, giving it an appearance of a healthy glow and an illusion of a slimmer face.

As far as bronzer is concerned, it gives you a sunshiny appearance. For such pearl finish, you can always count on Dazzle Face Palette from Oh My Glam collection, which features Pink Satin Blush and Satin Bronze Bronzer to give you that luminous effect.

Eyeshadow Effects:

Simple Makeup For Everyday

For your everyday makeup look, you need to pick the shades for your eyes which will give you that subtle natural look. For this, you need to pick those tints which are closer to your skin tones as it can give you a no-makeup look on and won’t even be noticed by your peers. For such an effect it is better to play with two colours, one a darker shade and the other shade a slightly less dark one. It is suggested to apply a lighter shade as the base colour and a darker shade to cover the entire eyelid up to your eye crease.

For this cast, Oh My Glam has launched their amazing Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palettes, which feature Bare Skin Eyeshadow Palette, Peachy Eyes Eyeshadow Palette, Bronze Goddess Eyeshadow Palette, Metallicah Eyeshadow Palette, and their City Collection Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palettes which feature 7 palettes inspired by trendsetting cities around the globe.

Eye-catching Eyeliner:

Simple Makeup For Everyday

Eye makeup is that part from the whole makeup routine which is loved by every woman. You can always pop your eyes using an eyeliner pencil, brush on liquid eyeliner or can experiment with both. For that natural look, you can prefer to go with the most common look and it’s the line going from the inner corner of the top lid staying close to the upper lash line all the way to the outer corner.

You can also apply Kohl across your water liner to give you a nice inky black appearance. To further make your eyes look more attractive and give the finishing touch to it, you can always add mascara on your uncurled lashes to make them appear thick and luscious long.

Lovable Lips:

Simple Makeup For Everyday

Adding a hue to your lips is a must-to-do tip in a makeup routine. Natural look demands for a lip colour, which give your lips a nude effect. It is also suggested to apply lip colour that is the same shade, or a shade closer to the colour applied to your eyes and cheekbones.

That’s why you can always rely on this magnificent shade of liquid lipstick from Oh My Glam, Glamlips Peachy Metal Liquid Lipstick. For those who want their lips to stand out from the rest of their makeup, they can go on to apply a bolder shade of lipsticks as well. You can also sketch your lips with neutral colour lip liner before adding a lip colour.

We hope that you enjoyed this guide and use these tips from Oh My Glam Cosmetics to get that stunning look!


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