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Best Highlighter Palette In 2018

Today, social media is flooded with makeup hacks and makeup tutorials. You open Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social media website, you come across many advertisements, videos or photographs being posted.

Even the amateurs are turning into professionals, owing to the fact that millions of such posts are updated every day throughout the world.

But whenever you see a face wearing a makeup, what is the first bit that attracts your attention. The cheekbones, right? For that gorgeous shimmery look to cheekbones, all credit goes to the Highlighter.

Highlighters, a few years back, might not have been anyone’s favourite. But in 2018, Highlighters are having their own shining moment.

It set the market trend, went boom and gained a high-ranking spot in the top must-have cosmetics on every makeup experts’ list. Essentially, the highlighter is all about bringing brightness to various points on the face.

It is a great tool to catch the light, generating the illusion of lustre and height, hence giving that Modern Era Look.

The highlighter is face makeup that can make your cheekbones look higher, make you brow bones look more pronounced and it can even make your lips look fuller.

Not only cheekbones, brow bones, and lips, it does an exceptional job for your nose, inner eye corners, the points above your eyebrow, chin and even your shoulder tips.

Just like how extraordinary these highlighters are in their own way, benefits of a highlighter are as splendid as they work.

To get the hang into using the highlighter, it is a must to know the exact spot. But for that, it is necessary to apply the highlighter in the right place.

Make You Look Youthful–

Who does not like to have a sneak peek back to their younger day every once in a while? A highlighter is just the product you need to achieve that.

The artistry of a highlighter is to bring that shimmer and shine to the targeted spot of your face.

Just how in the teenage years your skin looks radiantly glowing, the highlighter will do that exact thing for you.

To give your cheekbones a height, use it just off to the side of your under-eye area up to the top.

To make your eyes appear brilliant, big and bold, apply some highlighter to the inner corner or tear duct to get the perfect spot for the light to flash the brightness as and when you blink your eyes.

Hide Your Dark Circles –

Nobody likes dark circles. Especially we women, who are constantly so cautious about our looks even if we have a no-makeup look on.

We compromise our sleep and apply dark circle reduction creams under our eye after a long tiring day, exactly knowing the root cause of having those dark circles in the first place.

Why take so much pain, when makeup can cover up for it? Well, a highlighter does not work exactly like a concealer and hides flaws, but it sure does some patchwork to make your face look better.

You can use some highlighter on the area under your eyes to make it look brighter which can help cover dark circles. Hope it plays a better role at being an under-eye cover agent!

Pout Ready Lips –

Make your luscious lips look extra poutier. Dash some highlighter on the centre of your upper lip, that is the cupids bow, and the area underneath the lower lip, or the labret.

This will make your lips look plumper, sexier, and seductive and put them in the correct spotlight.

You can always add in some more detail to your lips for more shimmer or glow to make them look stunning and kissable. You know what I mean ladies, wink!

Freshen You Up –

Highlighter can easily boost and freshen up your features by applying it on your cheekbones, jawlines, and forehead.

It can definitely make your apple cheeks look rose ready, giving your face a lift and making it appear thinner or slimmer than usual.

It gives you the perfect model-like femininity with the correct amount of glitter to your face.

It also helps you experiment with various versions of your looks and regain your beauty back.

Awake and Ready –

A dull face can always lead up to a really boring day. Just like we need some coffee to kick-start our day and boost the energy in us, it is as important for us to look good in our day-to-day life to keep the spirits high.

There are many ways in which perfect makeup can help you look fresh and more alive every day.

Highlighter works the same! To cheat your nose into looking slimmer than usual, strike it down to the centre of your nose bridge.

If you want to give a volume to your chin, dab some of it on the upper edge of your chin. Powder some highlighter on your hairline and you are good to go.

This can help you get through the hectic and tedious jobs of the day. Work best with the workaholic in you!

Beautify Brows –

Just like how you beautify eyes, it’s important to give some attention to your eyebrows. Eyebrows play a major role to intensify the look you wish to carry.

If you want to elevate your brow bone, dab some highlighter underneath the arch of your eyebrows along with some of it on top of your brows.

This outer look to your eyes will help them look more enchanting and mesmerising, making men worship you!

With such amazing benefits of highlighters, using a highlighter to accentuate your beauty and spread your charm is a no-brainer.

For just this purpose, Oh My Glam has introduced this phenomenal range of highlighters.

Flare Highlighter Palette

Enhance those temple points with this incredible highlighter palette presented to you by Oh My Glam.

This highlighter palette is best suited for occasions like café dates, corporate conferences, reunions, parties, beachside engagement parties, slumber parties, and staycations.

All hues in this palette give your face that perfect subtle glow all the time because of its high-quality ingredients.

This palette features 6 magnificent hues Glacia, Stellar, Orion, Blush, Opulence, and Periwinkle.

This Oh My Glam Flare Highlighter Palette fosters that cool silver, duo-chrome, warm lavender and warm green highlighter effects with a frosty, metallic and sparkle finish. Go magnify your chicness ladies!

Flash Highlighter Palette

Work on those peak points with this spectacular highlighter palette introduced by Oh My Glam.

This highlighter palette is best suited for occasions like those midnight shenanigans, candlelight dinner dates, concerts, bar hopping, salsa nights or just any fun event.

All hues in this palette give your face that perfect superlative look all the time because of its high-quality ingredients.

This palette features 6 glorious hues Princess Peach, Icy Pearl, Lilac Sea, Gold Turquoise, Ocean Lavender and Rose Champagne.

This Oh My Glam Flash Highlighter Palette inspires that warm peach, white, gold, cool lavender and cool blue highlighter effects with a metallic finish.

Make that wine look bland in front of your shimmer! Highlighters are on a voyage of creating a milestone in the makeup industry, so with this varied collection of highlighter palette from Oh My Glam, create that perfect look for any occasion, which brings out the subtle and sober side of you, yet defines the wild and glamorous diva within you.

Set the bar high and stand out from the clutter. Play with the right colours and right light to beautify your aura. Be irreplaceable and create an unforgettable look!


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