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Best Liquid Lipsticks

What woman doesn’t like to be complimented on her liquid lipstick shade that suits her perfectly? There is no denying the fact that lipsticks are a must for every woman and girl out there and it is something which gets a righteous mention on the go-to list of things in their handbags.

When it comes to liquid lipsticks, these babies are quite in demand these days. But it is also undeniable that picking the one perfect shade for your lips is never easy. Finding the right shade for your lips is like fishing for a potential boyfriend for yourself in the vast pool of choices, right ladies?

Which shade lipstick is to be worn, over which attire, on what occasion, with what accessories that perfectly reflect the different shades of you, is like riding on a roller coaster ride for us ladies.

After all, perfection is what we seek even when it comes to grooming ourselves. It is as difficult as dealing with a relationship crisis. Well, there’s not much that can be done to clear up our relationship mess, but we can definitely clear out our heads with that perfect flawless liquid lipstick.

Here’s presenting you the 6 best long lasting, moisturising liquid lipsticks which intensifies your lips while naturally giving a volume to it.

Glamlips Muse Matte Liquid Lipstick

A corporate office environment doesn’t demand much to experiment with your plump lips, so it’s wise enough to stick to a shade that gives a look which is subtle yet tells everyone in the office, “who the boss is”.

This shade goes well with any office wear whether it’s a turtleneck dress, a navy notch shift dress, a black skinny trouser topped with a white blouse with a bow and a black jacquard slim suit jacket or a black satin jumpsuit.

Be it early hour meetings, mid-day interviews, or corporate lunches, this tint speaks for your competitive, bold, organised and ready to take over the corporate world attitude.

Glamlips Muse Matte Liquid Lipstick has HIP for an instant bold matte lip. It contains ingredients which provide your lips with a silky smooth end look making it feel comfortable till the very end of the day. This is one the Best Liquid Lipsticks!

Glamlips Vibrant Pink Matte Liquid Lipstick

    Any wedding set which is well suited with a backdrop of a natural scenario of the seaside, a grand ballroom decorated with blooms and laces or an Eden with a decorum of flowery veil foreground, demand for a lip colour which brings out the charm in you.

    It is the time where you can test and trail your satin, chiffon or net floral frocks and gowns collection from your wardrobe with this flamboyant pink matte shade from this varied range of Oh My Glam. Glamlips Vibrant Pink Matte Liquid Lipstick speaks for the elegant, sophisticated and angel like beauty side of yours, which can make you the centre of attention with many heads turning towards you.

    This matte liquid lipstick has Hip for an instant classic matte lip. The finishing touch of the lipstick leaves you with long lasting smooth lips, giving it a soft feel till the very end of the day. Grace yourself and get ready for some head turns ladies!

    Glamlips Sangria Matte Liquid Lipstick

    Whether its crashing a party or hitting the club with the girls for a fun night out, such scenes call for a shade which puts you in the spotlight as you hit the dance floor.

    Glamlips Sangria Matte Liquid Lipstick shade perfectly blends with any party outfit you put on whether it be a long sleeve sequin bodycon dress, or a black wrap front bodysuit with some black leather pants or a glitter cowl neck cami paired with a leather look mini skirt, attracting a lot of attention to yourself.

    Sangria Matte Liquid Lipstick, just like its namesake, spices up the party animal in you as you sing and dance to your favourite tune. This tint exalts the confident, broad-minded and the wild side of yours. This matte liquid lipstick contains HiP which instantly provides you with a sheer finishing to your lip lines, glorifying your lips with just the needed volume. This is one the Best Liquid Lipsticks!

    Glamlips Pom Punch Gloss

    Whether it’s prom night, or the first big date night with the man of your dreams, or even a romantic time to be spent with your other half, such events definitely lead up to some heated up chemistry between the two of you.

    When it comes to us ladies, we most certainly expect that heavenly kiss on such occasions which gives us the utmost feeling of being in utopia. It’s always better to be prepared right from the start for a such a situation turn up, isn’t it? This Pom Punch Gloss from the collection of Oh My Glam, manoeuvres the sinless, enchanting and adorable shade of yours.

    This dreamy lip-gloss containing pure pigments delivers a mild finish to your lips. This radiant gloss glides on the lips smoothly and evenly, leaving a dazzling and voluminous effect on your lips. Looks like you are all set for the big moment!

    Glamlips Peachy Pink Gloss

      The Butterfly Effect in Psychology suggests that small events can have a very large effect. It can similarly be related to the butterflies you get when you meet your boyfriend’s parents or being invited over for a lunch or dinner at his parent’s house.

      As we all know it is quite difficult to impress your boyfriend’s parents or family, so it’s better to opt for such a shade for your lips which reflects the affectionate, conventional and courteous side of yours. Glamlips Peachy Pink Gloss is a secret weapon which can help you leave that great first impression with your suitor’s parents and his family.

      This lip-gloss is a pleasant treat to your lips. It gives your lips a glossy finish and no matter how many layers you apply, it won’t feel heavy or uncomfortable. Gear yourself ladies for your first impression. Look the presentable you! This is one the Best Liquid Lipsticks!

      Glamlips Peachy Metal Liquid Lipstick

        best liquid lipsticks

        Brunches, lunches, grocery shopping, dinner at neighbours, a weekend away or catching up for a movie, this shade is a perfect fit for such casual affairs. This tint provides you with a nude kind of attraction, which goes well with casual attire. This “go for everything” lip colour defines the natural, spontaneous, free and easy going shade of yours.

        A touch of Peachy Metal Liquid Lipstick from the varied collection of Oh My Glam is all you need and you are ready to go. Glamlips Peachy Metal Liquid Lipstick leaves you with a buttery soft feel and a rich texture to your lips. It never dehydrates the lips in the process and your lips remain moisturised and comfortable with a shimmering metallic finish.

        It is a one-of-a-kind liquid lipstick and a secret weapon from the collection, giving your lips a polished long-lasting feel and look. Lipsticks have become an essential part of our daily lives for us women. A colour to your lips is like adding colour to your soul.

        Lipsticks create a style statement and gives your face a new feel and look. So, go ahead and experiment with lipsticks and try out varied looks like the fashionista, the style diva, the chic you, the baby bombshell or the playful enchantress and get the best look for the occasion at hand.

        This new range of collection from Oh My Glam is everything that any makeup maestro would need, whether it is a look for bright pouts or selfie-ready snaps. These six stunning liquid lipsticks will surely have you coddle with the choice presented for you. Glam up ladies and show your multi-shaded soul!


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